TESTS 2015

This season the Society will be holding three Field Trials,
an All Aged Stake, a Two Day Qualifying Stake and a Novice
Stake – all for Any Variety Novice Retriever.

Please note – Field Trial Schedules and Entry Forms for 2017/18
have now been sent to all eligible members

We do not have a nomination system – please return your
Entry Form by post (not by email) with a cheque and SAE
or you can enter via the online system FTMS

This season our draws will all take place via the FTMS system

Entries received after the date of the draw will not be eligible

For further information please contact
Honorary Field Trial Secretary – Mrs Diana Stevens
Tel: 07714 458944
Email: wylanbriarlabs@aol.com

It is important that our records are kept up to date so please notify
the Membership Secretary of any change of address, telephone number
or email as soon as possible

Please note: Dogs which are entered in a Field Trial should all be experienced
in finding and retrieving game and any handler considering running their dog in a
Field Trial should attend several Trials as a spectator first and be familiar with the
Kennel Club Rules and Regulations which cover Field Trials.

All Aged Stake for 14 Dogs

Wednesday 20th September 2017
Balcombe Estate, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
by kind permission of Mr Simon Greenwood and the Greenwood family
and at the invitation of Mr Clive Nickols and Guns

Judges – John Keegan (2858)(A), Robert Worrall (3032)(B),
Kim Jinks (3430)(B) and Paul Dukes (3744)(NP)

Steward of the Beat – Jonny Light

1st – Geraldine Thompson with ‘Dan Howth’ (Lab dog)
Winner of The Highfield Challenge Trophy and The Lochmoy Challenge Trophy

2nd – Joanna Voke with ‘Priesthill Diamond Harry’ (Lab dog)
Winner of The Tommy Yetton Memorial Trophy for Guns’ Choice
3rd – Katherine Impey with ‘Hippolytus Herald’ (Lab dog)
CoM – Barry Harvey with ‘Pondridge Jeep’ (Lab dog)
Left to right – Paul Dukes (Judge), Kim Jinks (Judge), Katherine Impey,
Robert Worrall (Judge), Geraldine Thopmpson, John Keegan (Judge),
Joanna Voke and Barry Harvey

24 Dog Open Qualifying Stake

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November 2017
Balcombe Estate, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
by kind permission of Mr Simon Greenwood and the Greenwood family
and by kind invitation of Mr Clive Nickols and Guns on Saturday

Judges – Steve Richardson (2849)(A), Jamie Bettinson (2893)(A),
Sean McGrath (3010)(B) and Declan Boyle (3170)(B)

Steward of the Beat – Jonny Light

1st – Reuben Mort with ‘Fendawood Feller’ (Lab dog)
Winner of The Perpetual Challenge Trophy and
The Val Lawrence Memorial Award,
The W. E. Hickmott Trophy to the Highest Placed Owner/Handler,
The Wayland Varley Trophy to the Highest Placed Dog
and The Greenwood Challenge Trophy for the Best Retrieve

2nd – David Latham with ‘Nettle Brae Andy of Fendawood’ (Lab dog)
Winner of The Abbotsleigh Perpetual Trophy
and The Waldehoe Trophy

3rd – Terry Prentice with ‘FTCh Hitowngreen Diamond
Joe of Findpoint’
(Lab dog)
4th – Wayne Mitchell with ‘Kelmagra Bramble Of Labdom’ (Lab dog)
CoM – Sarah Miles with ‘Hawksrigg Balgaire Of Meonvalley’ (Lab dog)
Winner of The Richard Greenwood Memorial Trophy for the Guns’ Choice

CoM – Mr B. & Mrs T. Chesser’s ‘Birdsgreen Thembi Of Spurgate’ (Lab bitch)
handled by Brian Chesser
CoM – Roger Wade with ‘Lendown Gorse Of Wadeshot’ (Lab dog)
Left to right – Brian Chesser, Sean McGrath (Judge), Sarah Miles,
Declan Boyle (Judge), Roger Wade, Steve Richardson (Judge), Reuben Mort,
Wayne Mitchell, Terry Prentice, Jamie Bettinson (Judge),
Gilly Nickols (Chairman) and David Latham

Novice Stake for 14 Dogs

Friday 15th December 2017
Worth Forest Shoot, Paddockhurst Estate,
Turners Hill, West Sussex

by kind permission of Mr John Hawe and Mr Nigel Firth
and at the invitation of Mr James Bailey and Guns

Judges – Keith Bedford (2202)(A), Wendy Glue (3556)(B),
Michael Rollinson (3443)(NP) and Jo Rollinson (NP)

Steward of the Beat Nigel Firth

1st – Not awarded

2nd – Mike Fleming with ‘Mitforton Nutmeg’ (Lab bitch)
Winner of The Joyce Morgan Trophy
and The Riversway Trophy for Guns’ Choice

Left to right – Mike Rollinson (Judge), Jo Rollinson (Judge), Mike Fleming,
Wedny Glue (Judge) and Keith Bedford (Judge)