TESTS 2019


After the disappointment of last year’s cancellation everyone
was delighted that this year’s Edenbridge & Oxted Show
went ahead and once again SEGS organised the Gundog
events over the two days.

One other bit of exciting news was that the ‘Gundog Arena’
now had a large pond so water retrieves could be included
as well as over fences and into pens!

To showcase a representative range of breeds the two days
featured invitation competitions together with various fun
and ’Have a Go!’ events.

On Sunday 29th August ‘The E&O Retriever Challenge’ featured
15 ‘open’ standard retrievers and on Monday 30th August
‘The E&O Team Challenge’ featured 6 Teams each of 4 dogs
made up of 2 Spaniels (a Cocker and a Springer) and
2 Retrievers (a Labrador and a Flatcoated Retriever or
Golden Retriever or in one Team a Weimaraner, an HPR).

Edenbridge & Oxted Retriever Challenge

Sunday 29th August 2021

Judged by Barbara Kuen

1st – Penny Morris with ‘Beetle Of Buckmotts’ (Lab bitch)
(Nominated to run by Arun & Downland Gundog Society)
Winner of the Nick Potts Memorial Tankard

2nd – James Bailey with ‘Isleofman Fonarik’ (Lab dog)
(Nominated to run by United Retriever Southern Area)

3rd – Marianne Copp with ‘Pointhill Peregrine’ (Lab dog)
(Nominated to run by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club)

4th – Luke Smith with ‘Mingramlabs Summer Breeze’ (Lab dog)
(Winner of Edenbridge & Oxted Retriever Challenge in 2019)

Pictured left to right Luke Smith, Marianne Copp, James Bailey,
John Downing (E&O Show President), Rachel Downing, Penny Morris
and Sam Kirkham

The award for the ‘highest aggregate score’ was –

1st with 207pts representing United Retriever Club Southern Area
James Bailey with ‘Isleofman Fonarik’ (Lab dog)
and Sam Kirkham with
‘Flaxenfox Stormgoose Of Wallers Haven’ (Lab dog)

Edenbridge & Oxted Team Challenge

Monday 30th August 2021

Judged by Kevin Barraclough and Chris Marshall

1st with 370pts – Cowden Team
Felicity Winters with
‘Valmorah Peaky Blinder’ (English Springer Spaniel dog)
Jo Hewison with
‘Trifoliata Barleycorn From Casblaidd’ (Cocker Spaniel dog)
Charlotte Hammick with ‘Muscatelle Calypso’ (Labrador Retriever bitch)
Kim Jinks with ‘Mistybrook Ochre’ (Golden Retriever bitch)

Pictured left to right Charlotte Hammick, Felicity Winters,
Kevin Barraclough (Judge), Jo Hewison, Chris Marshall (Judge),
Mike Tiplady and Kim Jinks

2nd with 357pts – Oxted Team
Jessica Bennett with ‘Roguespirit Delta’ (English Springer Spaniel bitch)
Michelle Dunbar with ‘Ganwydodderw Kestrel’ (Cocker Spaniel dog)
Mike Tiplady with ‘Bromleywood Frankel’ (Labrador Retriever dog)
Keith Manley with ‘Lenyam Solaway’ (Flatcoated Retriever dog)

3rd with 352pts – Hever Team
Sue Cole with ‘Digariad Chapuis’ (English Springer Spaniel dog)
Sydnie Enticknap with
‘Dansharley Perfect Present’ (Cocker Spaniel dog)
Jane Tydeman with ‘Roundcopse Ochre’ (Labrador Retriever bitch)
Janet McIlwraith with ‘Tullysedge Elsa’s Gold’ (Golden Retriever bitch)

4th with 344pts – Haxted Team
Vicky Payne with
‘Streamside’s Ladybird Quincegrove’ (English Springer Spaniel bitch)
Ruth Legg with ‘Helianthemum Magic Moments’ (Cocker Spaniel bitch)
Jane Carnaghan with ‘Rhayannie Highlander’ (Labrador Retriever dog)
Diane Heywood with
‘Cotswold Rose At Houndswood’ (Flatcoated Retriever bitch)

Best Spaniel with 98pts
Felicity Winters with
‘Valmorah Peaky Blinder’ (English Springer Spaniel dog)

Top Retriever with 98pts
Mike Tiplady with ‘Bromleywood Frankel’ (Labrador Retriever dog)

After the competitions there were
various fun and ‘Have a Go!’ events.

Junior ‘Have a Go!’ gave some
younger members of the audience
the chance to handle a gundog while
the Edenbridge Express, a long
marked retrieve to find the day’s
quickest dog and open to all breeds,
was a very popular, entertaining and
light hearted finale to proceedings.
A country show is not the easiest place to handle a gundog but all the
competitors entered into the spirit of the event and with something always
going on the two days were a great success!

Grateful thanks to all the helpers, Judges, competitors and our
sponsors Skinner’s, BASC and Chris Potter Country Sports
for their generosity and donation of prizes.