An early ‘Training Class’ from around 1954 featuring Bill Hickmott, George Williams,
Mr McKaet, Gordon and Phyllis Smith, Phil Hawke, Joan Hendley, Win Mahoney,
Mrs Bentley, Edie and Dick Solly amongst others.

Without a doubt the Society’s success is very much due to those
wonderful people who have let us use their grounds for Field Trials,
Working Tests and training. Whilst it is not possible to mention them
all by name, my mind goes back to Norman Mullins at Holborough
and his keeper, Rodney; John Luttmer, who gave us his ground for
our first two-day trial; and our President, Richard Greenwood, and
his keeper, John Lewis, who have always ensured that there has
been ground available.

In those early days, Jean Train
(later Lumsden) won the Retriever
Championships with ‘Cala’ and,
because gundog work was all so new
to the majority of members, this
magnificent achievement was not
fully appreciated.

No Society can reach such a
prominent position in the gundog
world as the South Eastern Gundog
Society without a lot of hard work by
the various secretaries, treasurers
and general committee members,
including Tony Casserly, who seems
to have been around for ever as
trainer and committee man!
Dick Solly and Olive Hickmott,
two of SEGS Founder Members

If you have any
memories or photos
of the early years
of SEGS that you feel
would be suitable for
inclusion on this site
and of interest to
other members
please <contact us.

Lastly, I remember dogs. Was Eric Mackintosh’s super-going dog a
Labrador or a Golden? This was never solved! Mr Bentley’s lovely
dark Golden Retrievers; Jim Child’s ‘Flight’; Betty Simpson’s ‘Mascot’;
Bill Hickmott’s ‘Stubblesdown’ Goldens; June Atkinson’s ‘Holways’ and
many others, not forgetting the ‘Palgrave’ Labradors and Goldens and
the one and only ‘Lacygreen Pillar of Wingfield’, who got me into the
world of gundogs.

Founder members are getting fewer. Whilst we cannot expect to be
around in another 50 years time, we trust that what we helped start
will still be going strong.
Gordon Smith, Founder Member
TESTS 2021
Kay Eason (left), Jean Lumsden with 'Cala' (centre) and Mrs Heywood-Lonsdale
Included in this group are Jim Childs, Stan and Barbara Osmond, Win Mahoney,
Dick and Edie Solly and Mrs Pavey
The Society's 100th Field Trial was an 'All-Aged Stake' held
at Holborough Estate, Snodland, near Rochester, Kent on
Saturday 2nd January 1988 and features some familiar names

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